ISC Creates Wooden Spoon Award

The Independent Supporters Council of North America announced today on the eve of first kick the creation of a new trophy to complement the Supporters Shield which the ISC manages.
The Wooden Spoon trophy will be awarded to the team, and associated supporters groups, with the lowest point total at the end of the regular season.

The trophy, an actual wooden spoon measuring about X will be passed to the “winning” team at the annual ISC Conference and the holders of the Spoon must possesses said spoon for the entire following season

“This is a trophy that no one wants, and it should be that way.”  Said ISC President Jeremy Wright.
Unfortunately, the ISC member groups feel that MLS does a great job of celebrating their winners but nature of the league there seems to be little acknowledgement, or consequences,  of teams, and the supporters who suffer, at the bottom of the table. This trophy is designed to highlight those who suffer in the shadows.
The Chicago Fire were the “winner” of the inaugural 2015 wooden spoon and the responsibility of creating the first spoon fell to Section 8 Chicago.
The ISC is aware that no supporters group wants this trophy therefore at the end of the year every group awarded the Wooden Spoon are allowed to do what they will with the trophy.

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